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Entry rules of the “Dibujando entre culturas” International Graphic Novel Prize

Paco Cerrejón | 3 de junio de 2009 a las 16:27

The “Dibujando entre culturas” International Graphic Novel Prize is open to all authors, irrespective of their nationality or place of residence. Entries must comply with the following conditions:

Entries must be written in Spanish, English or French.

They must be original and unpublished works.

They must be set in the Mediterranean and in its present, future or past. Contents that promote coexistence between cultures shall be positively valued.

They must not have been awarded any other prize or be awaiting the results of any other competition.
Comics entered in the competition must be between 96 and 124 pages in length and may be in black and white or in colour.

The following documentation must be presented with the entry: a detailed synopsis (at least two pages in length) including the title of the work, 10 finished pages and a photocopy of a valid legal identification document (DNI (Spanish National Residence Card), passport, etc.). Only digital reproductions of finished pages and not originals shall be accepted.

The documentation must be sent to Fundación Tres Culturas (Pabellón Hassan II
c/ Max Planck, 2, Isla de La Cartuja. E 41092-Seville) in an envelope indicating the following reference: “Primer Premio Internacional de Novela Gráfica Dibujando entre culturas”.

The deadline for the submission of entries is 5 October.

The winning entry shall be announced in November 2009 during the 10th Seville Comic and Illustration Meeting.

The winner of the prize agrees to deliver the finished work by 1 October 2010.

The jury shall be formed by professional comic writers and by one representative from the Three Cultures Foundation, each collaborating entity, the Seville Comic and Illustration Meeting and the publisher that shall publish the work.

The author or authors of the winning entry shall receive a cash prize of 15,000 euros, less the applicable withholding tax, of which 7,000 euros shall be paid after the publication of the jury’s decision and the remaining 8,000 euros upon submission of the finished work.

The winner shall sign a publishing contract with an as yet undetermined publishing company, which shall distribute the work at national level.

The jury’s decision shall be final.

Participation in this prize competition shall imply full acceptance of the entry rules.

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